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OPEN CALL for revision of the ITC Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet Delivered Testing

15 November 2016

OPEN CALL for revision of the ITC Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet Delivered Testing

In July 2005, the ITC launched the Guidelines on Computer-based and Internet Delivered Testing (or “CBT guidelines” for short). Aimed at test publishers, developers and users, the Guidelines have become internationally recognized for raising awareness and encouraging good practice in technology enabled testing, which is evidenced by the increasing citation count (according to Google Scholar, as of 9 November 2016 the document has been cited 128 times). Although the CBT Guidelines have been making an impact both in research and practice, there is recognition that they are now over 10 years old, and are falling behind the rapidly changing world of information technology. When considering major advances in the use of mobile devices, video game technologies, online monitoring and proctoring and other changes that have happened since 2005, it becomes clear that the CBT Guidelines are in need of an update.

To revise the ITC Guidelines on Computer-based and Internet Delivered Testing to account for technological and scientific advances in the area of technology enabled testing.

General points
The ITC announces an open call for revision of the ITC Guidelines on Computer-based and Internet Delivered Testing. Individuals or teams of individuals are encouraged to nominate themselves for leading the revision, putting forward a short proposal outlining how they will approach the revision. The individual or team whose proposal is judged the strongest, will receive a full support of the ITC, including access to our membership and internationally recognized scholars for peer review and public consultations, promotion and dissemination of the work (including any publications emerging from it) on the ITC website and the International Journal of Testing.

It is a policy of the ITC that our projects and activities should be carried out on a voluntary basis whenever possible. All work done on ITC Guidelines to date has been voluntary (that is, main contributors were not paid for their time). However, it is recognized that such projects can incur costs, for example expenses for travel, book purchase, access to literature or technology etc., and in some cases small administrative support. The ITC will fund any such additional costs, which should be clearly justified in the proposal.

The ITC is mindful of saving time of our volunteers, those taking on projects and those supporting them from within the Council, and advocates a flexible and expedited approach to making decisions. We are looking for a short proposal, which will address the following points.

1. How the current literature on technology-based testing will be reviewed to identify important sources and key references issues in relation to best practice and new technological/scientific advances;
2. How the internationally recognized experts will be consulted to provide their perspectives on the current and projected future use of technology in testing (e.g., the extent, type of technology used, what the technology is used for, areas of concern/best practice);
3. How long will each stage of revision take, and when a draft version of the revised guidelines will be submitted to the ITC Council.
4. How the team will manage the public consultation process that follows the initial development of any ITC Guidelines.
5. What qualifications and experience the individual/team possesses to ensure the revision is carried out to the highest quality standard.
6. What additional costs the project will incur. Please outline and justify any required funds, for example travel expenses etc.

Please submit your proposal by 31 January 2017

Send your proposal and any enquiries to Anna Brown, Chair of the ITC Research and Guidelines Committee: [email protected]