Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the July 2020 12th Conference of the ITC had to be postponed. This has now been re-scheduled for 9th-12th July 2021 and will take the form of a virtual Colloquium on Tests and Testing. See the Conferences page for latest updates. The health and wellbeing of the ITC community remains our priority.

Fellows of the ITC

Fellows of the ITC

Fellows of the ITC

The ITC Fellows at the Amsterdam Conference, in July 2012.

ITC Fellows at Amsterdam Conference, July 2012

From left to right: Dave Bartram, Barbara Byrne, Jacques Gregoire, Tom Oakland, José Muñiz, Jac Zaal, Ron Hambleton, Ype Poortinga


The International Test Commission depends very much on the supportive and effective work of many people. None are more important and influential than those who have made a sustained contribution to the running of the Council, the sustained creation of its products (e.g. the Guidelines), the involvement in Conferences and so many other contributions on behalf of
the ITC.
To be eligible for Fellowship of the ITC a candidate must have at least 10 years' service on the Council, have spent some time in the role of one of the officers of the Council and made a significant contribution to the work of the ITC.

The Honorary Fellows of the ITC (award ceremony at Amsterdam 2012 ITC conference pictured above):

Ype Poortinga 
- First President of ITC (1976-1978)
- Past-president (1978-1982)
- Ype was responsible for establishing the ITC as an independent, international body
Ron Hambleton
- Member of Council since 1980
- President-Elect [1986-1990], President [1990-1994], Past President [1994-1998]
- Council member, IAAP liaison and Secretary [2006-2010]
- Lead developer of the ITC International Guidelines on Test Adaptation Lead person with Tom  

  Oakland for the first two ITC conferences (Oxford, 1993 & Washington, 1999)

Jac Zaal 
- Vice-president [1982-1986], President [1986-1990] and Past President [1990-1994], Treasurer  


José Muniz 
- Member of Council 1988 to 2008
- President-elect [2002-2004], President [2004-2006], Past President [2006-2008]

Tom Oakland 
- President-elect [1994-1998], President [1998-2000], Past President [2000-2002]
- Member of Council including IAAP liaison [2002-2012]
- Responsible for formal incorporation of ITC
- Lead person with Ron Hambleton for the first two ITC conferences (Oxford, 1993 & Washington,  


Jacques Gregoiré 
- Secretary [1994-2004]
- President elect [2004-2006], President [2006-2008], Past-President [2008-2010]
- Lead person for the 2006 ITC Conference in Brussels
Barbara Byrne 
- Newsletter editor [1994-1999]
- Treasurer [1999-2012]

Dave Bartram

- Council member [1994-1998]

- President-elect [1998-2000], President [2000-2002], Past-President [2002-2004]

- Co-opted and IAAP liaison [2004-2010]

- Secretary [2010-2012]

- President Elect [ 2012-2014] President [2014-2016]

- Treasurer [2020-2022]

- International Guidelines on Test Use and (with Iain Coyne) of the International Guidelines on  

  Computer-based and Internet delivered tests

- Winchester (2002), Liverpool (2008) ITC Conferences and 2021 Colloquium

- ITC Learning Centre [2020-]  


Awarding a new Fellowship at the Vancouver Conference, in July 2016 (Fanny Cheung).

ITC Fellows at Vancouver Conference, July 2012

Fanny Cheung, a former President of the ITC, became a Fellow of the ITC during the closing ceremony of the ITC Conference in Vancouver.
Fanny Cheung is Choh-ming Li Professor of Psychology and Vice-President at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Fanny Cheung
- Council member [2000-2010, 2014-2016]
- President-Elect [2010-2012]
- President [2012-2014]
- Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Conference of the ITC

Awarding a new Fellowship at the Montreal Conference, in July 2018 (Dragos Iliescu).

ITC Fellows at Montreal Conference, July 2018

Dragos Iliescu, the former President of the ITC, became a Fellow of the ITC during the closing ceremony of the ITC Conference in Montreal.
Dragos Iliescu is a Professor with the University of Bucharest in Romania.

Dragos Iliescu
- Council member [2006-2010, 2018-2020]
- Secretary [2010-2014]
- President-Elect [2014-2016]
- President [2016-2018]