Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the July 2020 12th Conference of the ITC had to be postponed. This has now been re-scheduled for 9th-12th July 2021 and will take the form of a virtual Colloquium on Tests and Testing. See the Conferences page for latest updates. The health and wellbeing of the ITC community remains our priority.

The ITC Council

The ITC Council

The ITC Council

The ITC Council appointed July 2020

From top left to right:  Aletta Odendaal, Stephen Sireci, Paula Elosua, Dave Bartram, Wayne Camara, Jon Twing, Rainer Kurz, Solange Wechsler, Dragos Iliescu, April Zenisky, Peter Macqueen, Neal Smith, Stephen Stark, Nicky Hayes, Ann Watts, Kurt Geisinger.

Composition of, and roles in Council

 Council role


 Institution, Country


 Prof. Aletta Odendaal

 Stellenbosch University, South Africa


 Prof. Stephen Sireci

 University of Massachusetts, USA


 Prof. Paula Elosua

 University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian,



 Prof. Dave Bartram

 University of Kent, UK

 Elected Member

 Dr. Wayne Camara

 Law School Admissions Council, USA

 Elected Member

 Dr. Jon Twing

 Pearson, Iowa, USA

 Elected Member

 Dr. Rainer Hermann Kurz


 Elected Member

 Prof. Solange Wechsler

 Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil

 Co-Opted Member

 Prof. Dragos Iliescu

 University of Bucharest, Romania

 Co-Opted Member

 Dr. April Zenisky

 University of Massachusetts, USA

 Co-Opted Member

 Dr. Peter Macqueen

 Compass Consulting, Australia

 Co-Opted Member

 Dr. Neal Schmitt

 Michigan State University, USA

 Co-Editor of IJT

 Dr. Stephen Stark

 University of South Florida, USA

 Editor of Newsletter

 Dr. Nicky Hayes


 IUPsyS Representative

 Dr. Ann Watts

 IUPsyS, South Africa

 IAAP Representative

 Prof. Kurt Geisinger

 Buros Center on Testing & University of Nebraska

 ITC Online Council Meeting December 2020

Older pictures of ITC Council

The ITC Council at the July 2018 Council Meeting in Montreal.

ITC Council at Montreal Meeting, July 2018

Present in picture (from left to right): Nicola Hayes, Paula Elosua, April Zenisky, Steve Sireci, Jacques Gregoire, Anna Brown, Dragos Iliescu (lower row), Neal Schmitt, Barbara Byrne (not on Council), Solange Wechsler, Stephen Stark, Nathalie Loye, Peter Macqueen, Kadriye Ercikan, Kurt Geisinger, Aletta Odendaal, Samuel Greiff, Lindie van der Westhuizen (not on Council).

Not in picture: Wayne Camara, Ann Watts, Gonggy (Greg) Yan.


The ITC Council at the July 2017 Council Meeting in Amsterdam.

ITC Council at Amsterdam Meeting, July 2017

Present in picture (from left to right): Neal Schmitt, Jacques Gregoire, Ananda van Tonder, Dave Bartram, Anna Brown, Aletta Odendaal, Kadriye Ercikan, Stephen Stark, Nathalie Loye, Dragos Iliescu, Paula Elosua, Peter Macqueen, Steve Sireci, Kurt Geisinger.

Not in picture: Kazuo Shigemasu, Solange Wechsler, April Zenisky.