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The ITC Guidelines on Test Disposal

The ITC Guidelines on Test Disposal


Download the ITC Guidelines on Practitioner Use of Test Revisions, Obsolete Tests, and Test Disposal. (PDF document, original English version)


The ITC Guidelines on Practitioner Use of Test Revisions, Obsolete Tests, and Test Disposal: Ukrainian translation

About the ITC Guidelines on Test Disposal

These guidelines address issues associated with when to adopt revisions to or new versions of tests. Revisions can range from a norm update to a complete new version of the contents and the scales. These guidelines also address issues associated with the disposal of obsolete test materials.

These guidelines emphasize the importance of using sound professional judgment when deciding, on a case by case basis, the appropriateness of using either a new or revised version of a test or continuing to use the older version. This judgment involves balancing considerations relating to improvements offered by the newer version against the need for continuity of assessment afforded by use of the older one. Psychometric considerations, although important, are not the only considerations. Guidelines are provided that address practical, applied, professional, and psychometric issues to help inform professional judgment.

The ITC thanks Thomas Oakland (United States) who drafted the guidelines and served as committee chair for this project.

The ITC also thanks members of the project committee for their contributions to the production of the draft. These included Dave Bartram (UK), Osman Tolga Aricak (Turkey), Bruce Bracken, (United States), Ann Edwards (South Africa), Dragos Iliescu (Romania), Muhammad Rizwan (Pakistan), Eva Tideman (Sweden), Hazel Wheldon (Canada), and Solange Wechsler (Brazil).

The ITC thanks members of the ITC Council who provided comments on the first draft produced by the Committee.