Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the July 2020 12th Conference of the ITC had to be postponed. This has now been re-scheduled for 9th-12th July 2021 and will take the form of a virtual Colloquium on Tests and Testing. See the Conferences page for latest updates. The health and wellbeing of the ITC community remains our priority.

Membership categories

Membership categories

Membership categories in the ITC

The ITC has three categories of members: Full, Affiliate and Individual.

Full Members

Full membership in the International Test Commission (ITC) is open to national psychological associations with an interest in testing and assessment. Traditionally, full membership was open to associations who are members of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS). Beginning with 2016, full membership is also open to associations who are not members of the IUPsyS, if they are of national standing in educational and psychological testing and the national IUPsyS member has no interest to join the ITC. Full members must be working towards the following objectives:

- to advance professional test development and to raise the quality standards of psychological tests;

- to protect the public against the personal and societal consequences of the use of inadequate psycho-diagnostic procedures and of the use of tests by unqualified persons, or in a manner objectionable on scientific or ethical grounds.

Download Full Member Application Form: in PDF format or in DOC format.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is open to organizations, or groups of psychologists developing, publishing, and/or using tests and to commercial test publishers. The groups of psychologists, their employers or the publishers can be working on a regional, national, or international test basis.

Download Affiliate Member Application Form: in PDF format or in DOC format.

Individual Members

Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in the work of the ITC. Individual members will receive the ITC Newsletter and the International Journal of Testing.

Download Individual Member Application Form: in PDF format or in DOC format.